4 Reasons Your Life Would Be Better With Meal Mapping


What is meal mapping? Meal mapping is writing down in detail what you are going to eat for each meal the next day. Meal mapping is pretty much the same as meal planning. Except that I already HAVE the food and I’m not going to the store to get it. The important thing here is  getting as close to my macro goals as I can and not going over my calories. I make a lot of things in bulk and freeze extras servings that I may not eat this week. When I do this  it leaves a ton of extra freezer meals ready for me to eat whenever. Sometimes there’s extra fruit, veggies or meats in the freezer or refrigerator and they don’t really have a plan yet. I write down what ingredients I have and then piece them together into meals. Do this for as many days as possible. I use MyFitnessPal (ADD ME!) for my meal mapping to make sure I’m hitting my macros. (more…)