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Goals for June 2016 Team Never Going Back

I can’t believe I’m ready to set my goal for June already, 2016 is just flying by and more and more goals are popping up all around me! So, I’m picking my main goals for June to help me stay on track so another month doesn’t blow past me unnoticed. I am an extremely goal-oriented person, who, without specific goals and plans, would not survive. I like long term goals, short term goals, weekly goals, all of it! When I don’t have set, specific goals, I feel like I’m just so lost throughout the month… next thing I know it, it’s the end of the week and I feel like I have accomplished nothing. Specific goals provide structure to any plan. Saying “I want to lose 20 pounds” is much more vague then “I want to lose 10 pounds in 2 months by lifting weights 3 times per week.” Which one sounds better? So these are my major goals for June so I can stay focused and stop bouncing around for activity to activity; it’s time to get some shit done.

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  • Do a full pull up. I am so close to this one I can taste it. Graduated from the assisted machine, moved past sets of negatives and now I’m working on my knee assisted. Progress is what keeps me going. For this one, I plan to hit it by focusing on consistency. I plan practicing at the beginning of every work out that I do at the big gym and focus on strength, which is what I’m lacking. Luckily I’m going into maximal strength month in my program! 🙂
  • Yoga 3 times per week. I’m randomly hitting classes here and there and every time I say I’ll do it at home, I end up not. I found a perfect 25 minute yoga video for runners to do 3 times per week. I make my own schedule – I can commit to this! In May I tried to perform yoga Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The problem with that is that Robert’s new weekend days are Sunday and Monday… so as you can imagine, those are becoming my weekend days too.. and the last thing he wants to do is yoga. By switching the days to Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday’s, I should be set up for success.
  • Improve my posture. This is a big one! Since I switched from an active job to a mostly desk job, I can see and feel a huge difference in my posture. My shoulders are starting to roll forward and my head is pushing forward as well. I have my plan of action mapped out to solve this problem. This month I plan to come out with some great posture improving content for my fellow stay-at-homer’s! If this is happening to my back THIS quickly, I can only imagine what my blogger friends are going through. Don’t worry, we can fix it.

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Life Improvement

  • Out of bed every morning by 3:00. I’ve already started this and I’m loving it. I am a productive beast in the morning. This tires me out by 8:00 or 9:00 leaving me no time to waste watching TV and what some people call ‘relaxing’ but sitting on their butt. Sorry kids, that’s not how I relax. I’ll take yoga or mediation or a walk outside any day. You can keep your TV.
  • Take control of my day. Not only do I want to get more organized with my blog, but I want to get more organized with my day. I was telling Robert about all the backend things that I need to learn and keep up with on a regular basis regarding my blog and he said… Well there’s your problem. You have too much on your plate. I plan really well on my calendar, but I usually block out a little time to do EVERYTHING. An hour designing programs, an hour meal planning, an hour brainstorming new content, an hour cleaning, an hour meal prepping. This month, I plan to break it down better. I’ll have one day for all the deep cleaning, one day for all my program design, and so on. Just like meal prep day!
  • Have more fun! Although I am very proud of my work ethic and my workaholic attitude, I’m 27 freakin’ years old already. I can’t have work be my ONLY hobby. June’s almost here, the weather is getting warmer and I need to lighten up. I want to enjoy my time here in the Pacific Northwest as much as I can because who the heck knows where life with take me next. PS I love Portland <3

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  • Increase traffic. I have to say April and May have been successful month for me here on Team Never Going Back. Since devoting my time to what I care about, I hit all my traffic goals… but trust me, they will be bigger goals every month. (PS THANK YOU FOR BEING HERE!)
  • Grow my e-mail list. So this seems to be a hard one. I did get a few in April and more in May, but not a ton. I did a learn research and experimenting and I think I know what I need to do in June to make this happen. Let’s just find the time somewhere.
  • Get MORE organized. Now, I know some of you that know me in person are probably wondering how could I possibly get more organized, but trust me, looks aren’t everything. I’ve been saving e-mails of articles I need to read on different e-mail accounts, I have multiple calendars running at the moment and I don’t have a set work schedule. I have been doing great using my time blocking worksheet, but now I’m ready to step it up a notch. I’m a CEO now, so I need to act like one, not just a manager.
  • Figure out my social media plan. I’ve already learned a lot about social media, but only a few such as Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram. I need to find the best way to optimize my traffic through these sites. I normally just bounce back and forth between them, but there has to be a way for me to make the most of my time and not have to spend all day on them. An app called Latergramme was introduced to me as a way to schedule my Instagram posts, which seems like an AMAZING idea. Maybe I can sit down and plan out a whole week in advance and ad in others as needed. I’ll letcha know.


I want to know

What are some of your goals for June?

Share your goals in the comments or even a link to you goals posts! I would love to read it!

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  • Good luck with your goals this month! I’m in awe of your getting up at 3am. I love getting up early as well but my buzzer goes off at 5am. I’d love to learn how you increased your traffic by sticking to your goals. Visiting from Friday Favorites party.

    • Well when I do learn, I’ll share it with you! Haha!! This month I’m going to try and track EVERYTHING, what works and what doesn’t, so hopefully I’ll get a better idea.

      About waking up so early… how early can you go to bed? That plays a big role in it too, I try to be in bed no later than 8pm so I’m not forcing myself out of bed every single morning. I like to feel rested like everyone else! Haha

      Thanks!! 🙂