Cheesy Egg White Omelette



With this omelette, I used liquid egg whites; they take the work out of separating the yolk, no yolk is wasted and when the fat from the yolk is removed, you can add all that cheese!

1. Heat a small pan over medium heat and use cooking spray. Add egg whites and cover for about a minute to help the top cook. Cut up veggies and add to one half of the egg whites. Cover for another minute. Add pepper.

food232 food231

2. Once the egg whites are just about solid, fold over and add cheese. Cover for another minute until cheese is melted. Lay out spinach on a plate.

food230 food229

3. Transfer omelette onto spinach and dig in!


Nutritional Information: Calories – 171     Fat – 6 g     Carbs – 5 g     Protein – 22 g

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