Half Marathon Training – When Life Happens


Well hello there! If you read my last marathon post then you’ll already know that I experienced some knee pain during my long distance run on Sunday September 20th — not cool! Even though you work hard and try to prepare for things, life happens. Since I started my personal training course, I know how important it is to rest and recover; one of my past issues. Sometimes your work outs are just going so well that it’s actually HARD to take a rest day.. you just want to keep kicking ass! But if you push yourself too hard, you can cause a more serious injury that can pull you out of the game for longer than expected. For example, last year before I took any health courses and just started running, I kept pushing myself to run 6, 7, 8 miles every single day, not realizing what I was doing to my body. I hurt my knee bad enough to have to wear an uncomfortable knee brace, had a super cute limp going on, and couldn’t run for over a month and by the time I was able to start again, all my progress was lost. Right now, if I couldn’t run for a month, I would be out of the half marathon no doubt.. which is why I took 5 days off after the knee pain occurred. I used cold and hot treatments on my knees and feet, got some massages (FAVE) and took some time to reread the form focus chapter in my ChiMarathon book.  (more…)

Half Marathon Training Week Nine

During my training week nine, I was just kicking ass! It’s was my last week in the technique phase of chirunning (click there if you don’t know what I’m talking about) which means next week I get to start adding some hills and sprints. I feel like a real runner now and I’m watching my diet just get better and better with a lot of hard work, will power and Monday meal prep sessions with a friend of mine. It seems like I spend a majority of my time learning about proper nutrition, stretching and core work for runners. After learning so much stuff it was time to write it all down and reassemble my plan for the next few months. I’m testing out different ways to carb load before a big run, what works best for me and what doesn’t work at all! I also started my NASM certification class this week so my schedule is pretty jam packed. I have yoga 3 times a weeks, strength training 4 times a week and try and hit core work every other day. Luckily I’m a super nerd and LOVE planning and organization so this is not a chore for me, it’s FUN! … No wonder I only have a handful of friends 🙂 Haha!  (more…)

Half Marathon Training Week Eight


Follow me into the trees for training week eight! I’m getting closer and closer to that 13.1 mile point, which means I’ve been running up and down my own street a lot. I’m starving to crave new locations so I looked to the Portland West Hills for some ideas. I’ve done a hike there a few times before with some friends of mine and along there way there are signs everywhere for numerous hikes. You can try a different trail  every time, but using my Strava app, I can run the same trails and compare times and see how I improve.  (more…)

Half Marathon Training Week Seven


Well, I’ve made it 7 weeks into half marathon training and I’m sure my form is on point. This week I made it to 9 miles with out any pain, so that speaks volumes. I do use KT tape on my right knee though to prevent any injury; I hurt my knee last year from running and I can feel it working when I get into those higher mile runs, so better to prevent it now then wait until it’s injured again. The foot pain has gone away which means I’ve figured out the perfect landing position, midfoot strike, knees bent under my body not out in front, relaxed from the knees down and hip rotation. I’m officially a runner haha!  (more…)