6 Week Dumbbell Strength Training Program

I am beyond stoked to announce that I have finally finished my 6 Week Dumbbell Strength Training Program!

6 Week Dumbbell Strength Training Program  At home work out

Do you feel intimidated by the gym?
Maybe you have no freakin’ idea what you should do.
Do you think you NEED a gym membership to work out?
My 6 Week Dumbbell Strength Training Program is all you need.

I know exactly how you feel because I have been there. I didn’t grow up involved in fitness or sports or ANYTHING healthy really! We all start somewhere and I am here to help you the whole way through. With my 6 Week Dumbbell Strength Training Program you will receive a personalized workout program based on your current activity and fitness level. With your program, you get anywhere from 3-5 routines per week, we decide this together. With your workout routines, there is no guess work. Open up your routine on your cell phone or computer and everything you could possibly need is there for you, including videos and instructions of each exercise so you’re not left wondering and googling, “What the heck is a Russian twist?” Well fear not, because I will show you and explain everything! Now, I wanted to make this program affordable to all of you guys, but I am also limited the number of participants so I can provide help along the way and stay on top of everyone’s program!

Spaces Are Limited

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6 Week Dumbbell Strength Training Program $45

Feel free to shoot me an e-mail –  teamnevergoingback@outlook.com for any and all questions!
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Whitney Naylor Weight Loss Transformation

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Ashleigh was raised on KFC and video games. For the first 23 years of her life, she lived as an overweight, unhealthy, negative human being. Over the last 4 years, she has dedicated her life to self improvement and because of that has lost 102 pounds so far. She believes in whole, real foods and daily self improvement. Sweat + Sacrifice = Success.